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Bakersfield, California

About me 

I have been living in Bakersfield since 2019 and I am happy to call it my home now. My daughter and my husband were both born here. I am originally from Nicaragua, which is a place I am strongly connected to and love. 

Working as a photographer has given me the opportunity to scratch the itch I have for wanting to explore and to constantly learn something new from my clients and their creations. 

 I have always loved to listen to people talk about their passions. I find it motivating and inspiring. I usually hold preliminary meetings with my clients to discuss why they do what they do. I love listening to them describe their strengths and the unique characteristics of their companies this helps me to get to the bottom of what they are trying to portray and plan out a marketing strategy around that with them. My mission is to visually represent my clients ideas through images and help them display their products or services in a beautiful yet realistic way. 

My style is a bit on the journalistic side but I do love curating the environment and creating scenarios. I work with light and shadows to create depth and a 3D sense of aliveness in my photos. I try not to retouch my images too much. 

In general I have always been drawn to art and aesthetic beauty in all of its form, I study it and find myself looking for it in the mundane. I love to eat well and am a fan of culinary artists. I can see how food brings people together, how it can be used as a form of meditation and can be an expression of love and nurture. I am in awe of mother earth and all that it produces. I am currently working on building my vegetable garden at home. 

I love working on projects that are true to my heart. Last year I had the chance to work with one of my aunts on a compilation of my great grandmothers recipes. We wanted to honor her life and share the recipes that were legendary among our family. Creating images for the book felt, in a way, like going back in time and it felt surreal to recreate her steps through her recipes. She was 104 years old when the book published and she passed away two month later.  I am happy she got to see it.The book is currently being sold on Amazon.

Curriculum Vitae

Majored in Marketing & Advertisement. Nicaragua, 2002

Post Graduates Degree in Planning Campaign Strategies.  Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009

Studied  Food Photography with Carlos Fadigati in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009

Photographed Ad campaigns for Advertising Agencies including  Ogilvy Nicaragua, BBDO Nicaragua, JWT / Nicaragua, 2010-2014

Worked as a staff photographer for Alice Magazine which focused on highlighting succesful women and also social injustices. 2010-2014

Moved to the US in 2014 

Did various online food photography courses on Creative Live with Andrew Scrivani, 2015

Worked with  Sacramento Magazine as a contributor for 4 1/2 years photographing food for Covers, Feature Stories and the Food & Drink section. 2015-2019

Worked with firm Post Modern Marketing in Sacramento creating visual content for their clients, 2016

Had 2 images selected as finalists in  Pink Lady Food Photography Award's of 2017

Photographed my great grandmothers cookbook "Generaciones del Arte Culinario" de Amanda Valle Quintero.  2020

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