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I inherited my love for food from my grandfather. His joyful spirit has inspired me not only in life but also in my work.I loved sharing meals with him. He helped me see things in a different light. He was no chef but he would mix together the strangest ingredients and bring liveliness to the plainest meals. His favorite was beans with honey. He made it popular among me and my cousins.My family is a big one and my grandfather was infamous for going grocery shopping and splurging on weird exotic foods instead of the bare necessities that were needed. My grandma was not too thrilled but I would stick around to hear his stories and the enthusiasm in his eyes. Now trying different flavors and exploring is a big part of who I am . I also am a very visual and hands on creator. That’s why photography was a very organic move for me . First as a hobby and after some studying as a professional. I have a big admiration for culinary artists and this endless form of expression. It’s like discovering something new everyday. This has drawn me into the food photography world.

Curriculum Vitae

Majored in Marketing & Advertisement. Nicaragua, 2002

Post Graduates Degree in Planning Campaign Strategies.  Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009

Studied  Food Photography with Carlos Fadigati in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009

Photographed Ad campaigns for Advertising Agencies including  Ogilvy Nicaragua, BBDO Nicaragua, JWT / Nicaragua, 2010-2014

Worked as a staff photographer for Alice Magazine which focused on highlighting succesful women and also social injustices. 2010-2014

Moved to the US in 2014 

Did various online food photography courses on Creative Live with Andrew Scrivani, 2015

Worked with  Sacramento Magazine as a contributor for 4 1/2 years photographing food for Covers, Feature Stories and the Food & Drink section. 2015-2019

Worked with firm Post Modern Marketing in Sacramento creating visual content for their clients, 2016

Had 2 images selected as finalists in  Pink Lady Food Photography Award's of 2017

Photographed my great grandmothers cookbook "Generaciones del Arte Culinario" de Amanda Valle Quintero.  Available on Amazon, 2020


Email: suyentorresm@gmail.com

Phone# (916) 397-3468

Bakersfield, California

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